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    Executive Search

    The Retail Personal team does an Executive Search in: IT, Manufacture, Retail.


    Executive Search - is the selection of rare, highly qualified specialists at the specific tasks of the customer. Selection of top management is often carried out according to the HeadHunting methodology, luring candidates from leading companies that compete with the customer’s organization.

    High speed of closing tasks
    Expert verification of candidates' competency level
    Confidentiality of information
    Selection of the manager for the company's tasks

    Principles of "Executive
    Search" in Retail Personal

    Understanding all the features of Executive Search, we follow strict rules in our work:

    of information
    Retail Personal guarantees the confidentiality of information that was obtained during the work. Our specialists undertake not to disclose information of negotiations with candidates, thereby preserving their authority at the current place of work.
    Ensuring customer excellence over competitors
    Our specialists form convictions in relation to candidates in such a way that the client’s company brand become attractive for employment.
    Building relationships with candidates
    We understand the importance of building trusting relationships with candidates and therefore we seek mutual understanding with each specialist. Thanks to this approach, Retail Personal has the opportunity to influence the opinion of specialists regarding their current place of work and to offer other options, taking into account the interest of the customer.
    Selection of candidates for specific tasks of the company
    Retail Personal takes care that the customer receives a targeted candidate who is able to perform the tasks. We carefully study the candidate and check it in advance for compliance with the requirements of the customer.
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    How we work

    Retail Personal Company adheres to the privacy policy and does not disclose all the features of the work stages in the "Executive Search" service. However, we guarantee our clients high professionalism in resolving all issues related to this service.

    Retail Personal has formed a unique approach to the implementation of tasks within the Executive Search service. We communicate daily with top managers and managers from leading IT companies, manufacturing and retail. The formed base of confidential contacts gives us the opportunity to act as HR consultants for senior specialists.

    As part of Executive Search, we use HeadHunting
    Headhunting is the most efficient and self-justifying way to find rare professionals. This is especially true for highly qualified specialists. The Retail Personal company has all the necessary competencies for selection of candidates using HeadHunting technology.
    Candidate refused to work after being employed?

    Retail Personal provides customers 1 year guarantee for the Executive Search services.

    If the candidate fails the probationary, we will offer a replacement free of charge.



    Velcom is a Russian company producing meat products under the same brand name at its own meat processing plant.

    Project Goals

    Selection of IT Director
    Terms: 2 months.

    Specificity of selection

    The customer required a candidate with proven work experience in a similar position at a manufacturing enterprise.


    IT Director

    What channels to attract candidates were involved:, LinkedIn, accumulated base Retail Personal.


    Velcom is a Russian company producing meat products under the same brand name at its own meat processing plant.

    Project Goals

    Selection of technologist for the production department.
    Terms: With no restrictions

    Specificity of selection

    To meet customer requirements, the company used HeadHunting technology.


    Technologist for the production department.

    What channels to attract candidates were involved:


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