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    OSSP - The company is the largest toll road operator in Russia.

    Field of activity - Retail (non-classical)

    Service provided

    The combination of expert recruitment services and linear selection in the search for Deputy Head road manager, Deputy Head engineering communications manager, engineers, technical specialists, HR specialists and cashiers-controllers

    Project Features

    Short time
    The customer set a deadline of 1 month
    Job location
    All specialists had to live near the main place of work.
    Special conditions
    The presence of a personal car and knowledge of English language were also mandatory conditions for the selection of personnel


    Result of work

    Effective communication with the customer allowed Retail Personal to quickly select specialists with strict adherence to all requirements. Number of closed vacancies:

    • Cashiers - controllers - 300
    • Deputy toll leader - 2
    • Engineers - 10
    • Technical specialists - 8
    • Deputy engineering communications manager - 1
    • HR specialist - 1

    The following work has been done:

    • A study of the labor market
    • Were studied the business processes of the customer’s company
    • The motivation system is worked out.
    • More than 400 targeted interviews conducted with knowledge testing for relevant programs.

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