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    Regional Staff Recruitment

    The Retail Personal team selects regional staff from: IT, Manufacture, Retail.


    High demand for qualified staff in the regions creates a competitive environment among employers. Today market needs reliable partners in the field of staff recruitment, which can close positions both in the central office and in regional branches.

    Word of mouth Method
    A unique approach to each region
    High level of specialists qualifications
    High speed of closing tasks

    Principles of "Regional
    Staff" Recruitment in Retail Personal

    Understanding all the features of regional staff recruitment, we follow strict rules in our work:

    A unique approach
    to each region
    Retail Personal company takes into account the specifics of the selection of candidates in each region of the Russian Federation. We pay attention to such factors as the economic state of the region, the level of wages, social mentality, the specifics of local labor laws, etc.
    Effective selection
    of candidates
    Considering the specifics of the regions, will use only effective methods of attracting candidates: announcements in the local newspaper, Internet resources, word of mouth.
    Matching to customer's
    company brand
    We do not conduct interviews with candidates on behalf of Retail Personal. All communications with candidates are carried out exclusively on behalf of the representative of the customer’s company. Our specialists comply with all communication regulations and save confidentiality of information when necessary.
    We appreciate the time of our clients and therefore we complete each project exactly on time.
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    with Retail Personal?

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    How we work

    Processing a request from a client

    Detailed study of the customer's company and the definition of all the features of the job. At this stage, it is necessary to understand the scale of the upcoming work, the time frames and the area of ​​activity.

    We study the state of the region and make a candidate's profile

    A detailed understanding of region's specifics allows us to complete a list of effective channels for attracting candidates that correspond to the list of competencies. Also, our specialists, together with the client, work on a system of motivation for candidates. It makes possible to increase the speed of vacancies closing.

    Carry out the selection of specialists

    For the interview we connect with candidats by phone or video. During the call our specialists identify the psychological characteristics of each candidate and discuss all conditions of their potential work.

    In case of successful initial interview, our specialists will send a candidate for an interview with representatives of the company. The level of approval of candidates depends on the client. As a rule, if we are talking about a candidate for a high position, then all approvals pass through the head office of the company. In other cases, approval may be limited to regional offices.

    Accompanying candidates

    We keep in touch with the candidate at all stages until the moment of conclusion of an agreement.

    Provide feedback to candidates

    According to the result of all the completed stages of the interview, we provide candidates with feedback. If the applicant did not pass the selection and as a result was refused by the employer, we take the responsibility to inform him about it, justifying the decision of the employer. If the candidate has successfully completed all stages of the interview, then we help the employer to prepare the correct Job Offer, taking into account all the nuances.

    Candidate refused to work after being employed?

    Retail Personal provides customers 3 months guarantee for the Regional Staff Recruitment service.

    The customer is guaranteed to receive a new candidate without any additional charge.



    Shell is one of the six oil and gas "supermajors" and the fifth-largest company in the world

    Project Goals

    Selection of managers for new stations gas stations.
    Terms: 1 month.

    Specificity of selection

    Managers must have strong analytical knowledge and understand the specifics of sales.


    Сashiers and refueling managers at the gas station

    What channels to attract candidates were involved:

    Marks&Spenser, GAP

    "Marks & Spenser, GAP" - The largest apparel manufacturers worldwide

    Project Goals

    Line Staff Recruitment
    Terms: 7 дней

    Specificity of selection

    The customer set very low wages, which greatly complicated the selection process.


    Sales Consultants

    What channels to attract candidates were involved:, Avito, JobMore, Social networks

    Sun Fashion

    The company specializes in the manufacture of sunglasses.

    Project Goals

    Search for the head of the retail network
    Terms: 1 month

    Specificity of selection

    Regional network of stores. Few experts in the region.


    Head of the retail network

    What channels to attract candidates were involved:


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